Monday, July 20, 2009

My Vegas Book Signing

HUGE thank yous to all everyone who showed up at my book signing. What a crowd, I was told over 600 people showed up and not everyone could fit in the venue. We used an overflow room as well as monitors in the lobby. I am sorry to all who were turned away, I would have liked to say hello to you all. Thank you for coming to see me, I really do appreciate it so much. My hand actually cramped up from all of the signing- I eventually got it all done, but it did hurt at the end! Thanks to everyone who was so patient with me.

I am having my cataracts removed over the next two weeks. I am tired of having blurry eyesight and I have too much to do and see to have to deal with it anymore.

In a few weeks I am heading off to NYC for some work with the US Navy, which I am a big supporter of. I will be doing a few book signings there as well, so if you are in the area, come on down and say hi. You can find more info on my website over the next week.

We are working on setting up a Facebook page for me, once it is up and going, I will add a link here and we can all be pals over the internet.


Helen said...

Dear Tony!
Wow!! Great that You will be on Facebook!I am so much looking forward to that.I have a Facebook page.
Nice photo! Beautiful painting in the backround.
Good luck with Your cataractremovment. It will only take minutes.
Take care

Found art blog said...

Best of everything for your eye operation - I'd be rather scared of having that one done!!! I'm sure it'll all work out perfectly for you!!!

rochelle said...

Hi Tony,

Guess what I'm doing now! I am working at WE TV master control here on Long Island, airing the 'Hope and Faith' where you are the guest star! You are looking great on this show!

Congratulations on the overflow crowd. That was sweet of you to sign until your hand was hurting.

Good luck with the cataracts procedure.

I will be off from work on August 14th so maybe I will see you here.


Totally said...

Cataracts, kindly pack your bags. Mr. Tony Curtis and his sexy blue peepers respectfully ask that you to vacate the premises immediately. Your cooperation in the matter is greatly appreciated.
Roust! Vamoose! Shoo!

The Greek Chorus

Tsalagi said...

Yeah, we love you in Las Vegas, Tony! 600 fans can't be wrong -- you're wonderful! Godspeed your recovery after eye surgery -- you've got work to do (right?)and a whole world of fans and followers waiting to applaud it!

David Sharpe said...

Hello Tony,
David Sharpe from Scotland here, just finished your autobiography and enjoyed the revelations.
Was sad you missed out so much with your kids.
Just thought i'd say hello and wish you and your family the best of health

PS Iv'e pulled a few stunts in my time