Saturday, August 15, 2009


I just wanted to update all of Tony's fans about his condition. I have been posting updates on his Facebook page.

On Weds evening, we had Tony admitted to a New York Hospital. He had suddenly aspirated food down into his lungs while out at dinner and was having trouble breathing. He was admitted to the ICU unit, where he remains at this point. He is stable and getting better every hour, so we think he will be able to move out of the ICU this weekend and into a regular room for observation. Our NYC trip was extended until he is well enough to travel back home to Las Vegas.

Tony was so sorry to miss his New York events and wanted to let everyone know how much he missed seeing you all. We all thank you for the support, understanding and love you have extended to him, it really does make a huge difference. If all stays well, Tony will be back in New York in October and will hopefully be re-doing the Sardi's book signing.

Again, thank you to everyone who loves Tony. His spirits are high now and he is teasing the nurses!



drugman51 said...

Get well soon Tony

Andy in England

Found art blog said...

Glad to hear he's doing better and teasing people!!! Hope he's been reminded to chew his food slowly now and not to talk at the same time!

nagem79 said...

Tony, I wish you a speedy recovery! I'm looking forward to your October visit to Sedona/Prescott, AZ. I've gotten such a kick out of reading "American Prince" and finding some of your more obscure films on NetFlix to watch. You're a class act and a fabulous talent. Know that you still can give a 29 year old woman goose bumps and make her heart beat rather fast. My best to you and Jill.

Nathan said...

Tony & Jill,
We just found out about this and wanted to send our love. We're very happy to hear Tony is healing quickly and terrorizing the nurses!
Hope to see you soon back here in Vegas.
Allen & Nathan