Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tony's Painted Pony, "Shiloh"

We are so excited! On our way to Sedona, we stopped in Carefree, AZ to meet "Shiloh", the Painted Pony!

Ready to reveal him for the first time!

Here he is! Shiloh is incredible- wait until you see it in person. He is life size and covered with Tony's cat paintings. This life size Shiloh will be installed at Shiloh Horse Rescue, while the smaller collectible figurines will be available wherever Painted Ponies are sold (as well as in our Shiloh Shop at the rescue).

Isn't he beautiful? He has so much character to him.

Shiloh will stand at the rescue to honor ALL of the horses who have died as a result of the horrible Horse Slaughter industry. He will remind us to keep fighting and standing up for the welfare of all horses.


Helen said...

Jill and Tony you are doing a phantasic job for the horses and lots of other animals.I love the Painted Pony. I will buy more cat paintings to support Shiloh.

Found art blog said...

Just stunning!! Good job, Tony!!

Anonymous said...

It looks spectacular. Great work Tony. It's an absolute work of art.

nelson said...

Tony: I just finished reading your Biography and learned quite a bit about the life you led. I am truly happy that you finally found some peace and happiness with Jillie.I have followed your career from its outset as I am now 80yrs.young. Spent some of my career in show business and later became a Sinatra imitator. Being an animal lover myself I am pleased to see the work you and Jillie have done with saving the horses. If you have a moment please drop me an E-mail at have some stories to exchange with you from my time in show business. My early career after dancing was with Decca Records. Well later for now and after for laughter. That was my sign off when I was a DJ. Keep the faith, Nelson Hershman