Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kids and a Pony

I went along with Jillie today as Shiloh participated in a Best Friends' "I Read to Animals" program at a local library.

Shiloh brought a mini horse, Mojo for kids to read to. This program helps to encourage kids to read and everyone, including Mojo, had a great time...

Mojo and I posed for some photos after the event.

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KC said...

I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday Mr. Curtis. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Best Regards,


Found art blog said...

Terrific picture!!!

Lisa said...

Dear Mr. Curtis, My name is Lisa. I am now in my 30's and have been in the USA from Taiwan since 1985. My mother is Japanese. I remember she often played your movies and was really into them as I watched them with her. But, I was so young... so little, that I didn't really get to appreciate your acting work in depth until recently... :)
My I say "thank you" to you and to let you know that you have been an encouragement and inspiration to me!
When I read about your earlier life prior to Hollywood stardom, I couldn't believe how difficult you had it and how amazingly blessed that you have come so far, even to this day! My heart hurt when you mentioned how you were experiencing prejudice against your belief and being a "pretty boy" and being typecast often, but, yet, you made it through your career so successfully!
I am a songwriter, producer, recording artist. The above mentioned felt so personal to me only because I had also experienced racism and prejudice in my music career pursuit here in the USA, and Taiwan, and Japan. I was literally told by a big record company that I was "not black, not white, not Latina, there is nothing we can do with/for" me at the president's desk. My heart was very broken. And, there were age-prejudice with signing recording artists, too. No matter how talented you are, if you are not of a certain race, a certain age, the record companies don't sign you. I was fortunate enough to have achieved at least gold and platinum records level of work as an audio engineer in the USA, and have had a number one single song on a recording artist (group) in Japan. I am still doing music. Can't stop because I am in love with it. :)
Mr. Curtis, I am really thankful that you have lived this long (and please get well soon to live on to inspire us all still) to talk about your life, talk about the politics in Hollywood you have experienced so candidly. And, so much more… I have learned a lot from you and see that my struggles are minimal comparing to yours, especially from your childhood, and that I should remain encouraged.
I know you receive tons of emails and letters, and I don't even know whether this site is a personal site that you actually personally will read this…, but, I have been so compelled to let you know that your inspiration is timeless.
I can't afford your art, but, I hope that my words worth something and means something to you. I give you my heart in sincerity with expressions of thanks to you, Mr. Curtis.
God bless you, Mr. Tony Curtis.
And, but, of course, you are quite a beautiful man!
Please get well soon!!!!
Mrs. Jill Curtis, all the wonderful work you have done and are doing and being strong, being by Mr. Curtis' side, so amazing. Please stay strong!