Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tony's Memorial Service

Tony's Memorial Service will be held on Monday, October 4th at 11am at the Palm Mortuary on Eastern Blvd in Las Vegas, NV.

His service is open to the public and to all of his loving fans and friends.

Come and celebrate this incredible man's life.


Wayne said...

I was truly sad to hear of Tony's passing today. I was lucky enough to meet him during his visits here in the UK in 2008-09, including his appearance at Autographica. I have to say that he was amazing to meet - a legend who cared deeply about every one of his fans. He went well above what we'd expect from meeting a star, and he will always be one of the friendliest people that I've ever met.
A legend on screen - and in person too.
Thank you for so many magical movie memories Tony. And for being so kind to all of us fans.
You really will live forever.

I wish I could be in NV for your memorial service on Monday, but I will be amongst millions of fans who will be thinking of you.

My thoughts to Jill, your children, and all of your many friends around the world.

God bless American Prince.

With love, from
Wayne Spencer,
Leicester, England, U.K.

christi said...

What a shock to hear of Tony's passing. I have admired and loved him for years. A true legend who leaves us with a rich body of work to enjoy for years to come. There will never be another Tony and this is an end of an era of Golden Hollywood. Rest in peace Tony and God be will Jill. So wished I could have met this awesome man.

JSMeyer said...

I have a strong fond memory of a deep discussion he and I had regarding his paintings, the creative thought behind several and the energy it conveyed. He was a master of his time. I stand in awe of the legacy he leaves for all of us to bask in during his absence. May Jil, his family and close friends find comfort during this time. Much thought and prayers with you.

Janet Meyer - Charleston, SC

David said...

What a superb Actor & human-being!
Hardly anyone seems to remember his 1961 movie "The Outsider" which is the work of a true master. The great thing is that I watched it just the other day on video and was deeply impressed. Then I learnt of his passing.
His Legacy in the Arts will live on for all time... what a Beautiful Man.

Jim said...

A sad day, indeed. My wife and I were fortunate enough to attend the 50th anniversary of Some Like it Hot at the del Coronado in San Diego last year, and are proud to be Feed Faries for Shiloh Horse Rescue for the past year-and-a-half. I will be at the memorial in Las Vegas on Monday. Our thoughts are with Jill and all of her and Tony's family. Take comfort in what a truly extraordinary life he had and how happy you all made him during the past many years.
Don Hendrix
Tucson, AZ

Holly Burke said...

I have always loved you Tony. The world will be a drabber sadder place without you

Peace and Love. I will never forget you

Holly Burke said...

I loved every film you were ever in and watched them over and over
you were an Icon and a Legend to me

I will never forget you

God Bless Tony Curtis

orlando said...

I was really sad to hear that Tony Curtis pass away.I grow up in Cuba watching his movies in black and white at the theaters in my small town and I have great memories of those,I been always a fan of tony Curtis as an artists and as a unique person that he was,my most sincere condolence to his family and specially to his wife.
Sincerely Orlando Barrios

Anonymous said...

How sorry I am to hear of Tony's death today. He was one of the old stock of great performers from the golden era of cinema. Now all three that set fire to the screen in 'Some Like It Hot' have crossed into the spiritual realm. Tony's cheeky, charismatic eyes that stretched to his smile and beyond will be missed. Wish I could get to the funeral, that is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, but I live in Ireland.

Thanks for the glorios moments TONY!

Maureen Wals

Nina said...

I got very said when I heard that Tony has passed away. I have followed his career since I was a little girl. I also named my only child, and only boy Tony. All my thoughts and love to Tony`s family. May he rest in peace.

With love,
Nina Eklund
Vantaa, Finland

Ellen said...

Here's some great pictures of Tony from Magnum Photos:

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Tony for all the joy and magic you brought to on the screen big and small. My mother introduced me to your films and I adore 'The Persuaders.'
Thank you and farewell.
Rebecca "Xenah" Tompkins.
Adelaide, Australia.

TJSanson said...

This is truly sad news for all of his fans, friends and family.

Tony, you will live on in your movies, art and our memories.

RIP webmaster said...

I also met Tony, briefly in 2002. I wasn't going to write this because I figured that most people would think I'm just trying to be nice but actually, in all honesty, he definately came across as a "normal" lively guy. He was very high energy but you could tell that what he really wanted was to see you come alive. At the time I was just a blue-collar worker, not anyone he would have to impress. He came over to me saying things like "Hey, how ya doin buddy?!" tapping me on the shoulder and things like that.

If anyone tells you he was an all-around good guy, and "just one of the guys", they aren't lying, they're telling the truth. A real shame I didn't get to say hi to him again once more.

To his wife Jill and other close ones, I'd say hang in there because that's likely what he would want.

Jeni said...

I am truly saddened to hear of Tony's passing. He was an amazing actor and my thoughts are with Jamie Lee, to you Jill, and his other children as well. We have lost an icon that has given many of us memories for a lifetime. I always wished I could have met him in person to truly express how he touched my life. I wished I could be at his funeral to pay my respects in person but like all of his fans we will be thinking of him. I have began to discover a lot of his past films and am falling in love with more of them as I see them as well as the ones I truly love.

Jen Z.
York, Pennsylvania

Gina said...

My special friend Tony is gone from this world. But he lives on in the hearts of millions of admiring fans! The lives he touched were changed in an instant by this amazing man. Tony I'll miss you, but I'll see you again in Heaven, because I know that is where you are. Thank you for your love and friendship. You told me we'd be friends forever, and were were and are. You will always be in my heart, and I will always love you. I pray for your family, that their healing comes soon, and their pain and sorrow is replaced by all the happy memories you helped to create for them. God Bless You Tony! Love, Gina

Anonymous said...

Hearing this yesterday just broke my heart. I am also one of millions of fans of the man, his work, his art, his spirit. I loved his books, his movies, his laugh. What a fascinating and remarkable man, a real legend. My thoughts and prayers go to you and your families. Bless you, Tony.

Sammy Wyatt said...

My thoughts and prayers are with the Curtis family! He was such a great actor and person! A true living legend! I will always treasure his movies! May God keep each of you safe in his loving arms.

BlackCrow said...

Last night I lit a candle and watched Houdini with my teddy bear who I named Tony Curtis when I was 5 years old. I'm 46 now! So beautiful to read all these posts for him. Love to his family.

Gareth_G_Stafford said...

Dear Jill

Words cannot adequately express that sadness I feel for your loss. Tony was and always will be a hero to many.

Reading your blog, I am so pleased to hear that he was in good spirits right to the end, and that he was with you all at the end where he was happiest.

Regretfully I cannot attend your service, but like all of Tony's fans around the world I will be thinking of you.

God bless you all

Much love

Gareth Stafford
Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK

Treen said...

The news I have always dreaded is here. I really do feel different since I heard. As a life long (since a young girl) fan I must have mentioned the name Tony Curtis thousands of times always in relation to his magnificent good looks and talent.

I had the great pleasure to meet him at his Art show in Harrods a few years ago. I told him my life ambition was to be in the same room with him at least once. When he signed his autobiography for me he inscribed 'Cathy at last Tony Curtis', what a charming man.

I have quite a collection of signed items some from that amazing evening including a piece of his artwork that I shall always treasure, and most recently a giclee of 'Stony Curtis'.

I am so very grateful he was around us for so long, he really did make me happy, I can only imagine the grief his loss has caused to his family and many friends/fans.

Thank you so much for everything and God Bless your beautiful soul my divine idol Tony Curtis, so sorry I can't make it to your final farewell I will be watch you always.

Heartfelt love,


Kevin Collette said...

I felt privileged to have met Mr Curtis when he was guest of Honor in 1995 in France for the Beauvais Cinemalia Film Festival - where he kindly signed me a Persuaders picture .

I truly wish I could be in NV for your memorial service on Monday, but I will be amongst millions of fans who will be thinking of you.

My thoughts to Jill, your children, and all of your many friends around the world.

Tony Curtis'star is now in Heaven and will never fade .

God Bless him .

Kevin Collette - Paris , France .

phil35 said...

Beaucoup de tristesse suite au décès de Tony.
La France est en deuil.
Biz a sa famille

mazal said...

from the state of Israel, the city is Nesher. Rahamim family is with you in your sadness.
We love his films and we always talk about the important actors from the sixties and we won't forget him. yours, Tiki Rahamim.

Steff179 said...

It´s still hard to believe that you passed away. I´m glad to hear that you passed away peacefully in your sleep. Hopefully you didn´t have to suffer for a long time before. In the hearts and in the heads of your fans you´ll be alive and you´ll be immortal in your movies. There will never be another human being like you. No other man will ever have that history, that fate, that face, those eyes, that voice and that charisma like you did. You were a unique man and so beautiful. I´ll never forget you. Thanks a lot for so many wonderful and unforgettable movies!
Unfortunately it´s not possible for me to come to your Memorial Service, but in my thoughts I´ll be there. My deep condolence goes to Jill, your children and the whole family, and I hope they come soon over that big loss and pain.
Love you, Tony
Rest in peace

Steffi from Germany

Anonymous said...

I am heartbroken to hear about Tony. I wish with all my heart that I could be present at the memorial tomorrow. He will be in my thoughts and prayers. He was so much more than an actor. I am so glad that his memory will continue to live on in his films and his art. May he rest in peace.

Much Love,
~Victoria Royalty
Houston, Texas

Judit said...

Isten nyugosztaljon bekeben Tony!

All my thoughts and love to Tony`s family.

Judit from Mateszalka

M.R. said...

Tony Curtis was a wonderful, funny, talented actor, a part of the world for me since I was a child. I want his family and friends to know that I loved his films and will miss him. I had no idea he was such a gifted painter.

Anonymous said...

I was saddened to hear of Tony's passing. My heart goes out to Jamie Lee, his widow and the entire curtis family.

God Bless.
Barbara McClenathan
Twin Mountain, NH

Lana said...

RIP TONY CURTIS. You were a brilliant actor and brought us such great films as Some like it hot, The great race, Trapeze, Spartacus and many more. Your were an absolute legend.Condolences to all the family. x x x

gurtni said...

Sokkal szomorúbb lett a világ nélküled.
God Bless.
G. Joe from Budapest