Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday at the Ranch

Saturday Jillie and I went out to Shiloh for an interview for a magazine called Energy Times. It's an environmental publication and they wanted to learn more about our horse rescue, Shiloh.

Jillie and I were photographed with one of our horses, Tanis. Tanis is a Friesian from the Netherlands. Jillie's ancestry is Dutch and I bought her Tanis last year...

I spent some time with one of Shiloh's Pigs, Jimmy Dean. JD is a 5 month old Pot Bellied Pig who was scheduled to be euthanized at a local shelter here in Vegas. Jillie and Sally (Jillie's mom and rescue partner) brought him out to Shiloh. We actually have five pigs at Shiloh- Sonny and Cher, Sausage Patti, Pig Newton, and now Jimmy Dean. They are living out their lives at our rescue.

Jimmy Dean loves to walk on a leash. Once he grows a little bit bigger, he will be able to roam freely with the other pigs.

Here I am with Spur, one of the ranch dogs.
Me and Tanis.


Kay Dennison said...

Great photos!!!!! What wonderful work you're doing!!!!!!!!!

spoiledrottensavvy said...

As usual I miss an EXTRA fun day at the ranch. We always seem to come up the day AFTER you visit, Tony!

Love the blog, hope to catch you again soon. See you at the ranch, Jill!


Found art blog said...

It's so brilliant to see you out and about!!! And the wheelchair has been retired??? (I hope!)

Helen said...

Lovely photos!
The sun is shining and You two look so happy together.
Can life be more beautiful?
Jimmy Dean is so cute!!All the animals looks so happy.
I must come for a visit.
A big hug from Helen

Rosie said...

Great to hear about the Energy Times and the environmental aspect.Our planet is so precious and all the animals.
Wonderful to see Shiloh rescue.

Perfect said...

Its so interesting to read about what you and your wife are doing with the horses and other animals.

God Bless,

joan said...

I am the woman who gave you the energy times magazine. My brother loved the picture. It was great seeing you, hope you got to read my letter and enjoyed my drawings. Do you ever do tours of your ranch?