Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tom Jones at the MGM, 1/24/09

We went to see my friend, Tom Jones, at the MGM last night. He is such a great entertainer and puts on an excellent show. We go everytime he is in town and I recommend that if you come to Vegas you check him out as well!

I autographed some tickets...

After the show I signed more autographs and meet some great fans...

I talked with Tom backstage. He's a great guy!


Michael said...

That's a dream team! The greatest actor in the world meets the greatest singer in the world! Tony, I agree 100 % - Tom Jones is great and I take every chance I to visit his concerts! Glad you admire him as well!

All the best from Michael

Tony said...

Dear Tony!

I'm sorry that I write here in that topic, but I couldn't post a mail that long at your site.
I'm a huge fan of classic movies and of hollywood legends like You. Therefore, I was very glad, when I got to know that we are some kind of very far "relations", as we have some common ancestors. When I was younger, I eagerly did researches to create my family-tree, but I didn't know we had the same ancestors (Schwartz line) until around 2002. My grandfather's cousin (who lives in Israel with her family) visited us in Hungary, and I was talking with her about the origins of our family, and she said that her father created a very well-detailed family tree of the Schwartz-side, and she also mentioned You as part of that. Later, she sent a copy of those papers to my grandfather as well. When You came to Hungary in autumn 2003 for the shooting of a short publicity-movie, I decided that somehow I'll try to give You the family tree. You had a soirée in Urania National Movie Theater one evening, which was close to my school and I decided to go there at the opening time, and maybe I can meet You. So I went there quite early to be sure to meet You, but while I was waiting, several people got together as well for your autographs. I remember it even started raining fairly heavily. When your car arrived I got really happy but frustrated as well (because of the crowd), and as it seemed that you were in a hurry, finally I didn't dare stopping You with the family tree, so I just asked for an autograph like the others. Later I was hesitating a lot to try to write to You somehow or not, but I was young (16) and I thought that maybe You are not interested and you will think that I just want money from finally I gave up the idea of getting in contact with You, and forgot about that. Then 5 years passed and about a week ago I saw a movie with You and Natalie Wood (Sex and the Single Girl) and all that family-tree-thing came into my mind again. I checked the Internet and I found your site. If you give me an email address (I think I can't upload a file attached to a mail to that site), I can send you a scanned copy of the family-tree by mail (if You are interested) (The family tree goes back till the mid-1800s (7 generations)).
I would be very pleased if you answer me.

Yours sincerely, and wishing You good health,
Daniel Misak (from Budapest, Hungary)

Tony said...

I forgot to give my email address:
Daniel Misak

Helen said...

Dear Tony: Tom Jones is a fantastic artist with a wonderful voice.It must have been a great show.
What a wonderful picture on You signing tickets. Your nice sexy hands on the red tablecloth.
Take care

Rosie said...

Tom Jones,what a great voice.The Welsh have always had excellent voices.

Rosie said...

Have you heard of
Its another way to keep in touch with your fans and you can link to your website.Its another gadget on the Net.
Hope you are ok.
All the best.

The Doc said...

Dear Mr Curtis -
Just finished your autobiography. I'm in the UK, and remember you best and fondly in 'The Persuaders', as well, of course, as SLIHot!
My wife and I were in Vegas last year - I wish we'd known about Shiloh; we would definitely have paid you a visit. I did some voluntary work in Guyana a couple of years back, and horses are still the main source of transport for many in the city. They are in a very sorry state - malnourished, constantly blinkered, pulling old flat truck beds all day in the searing heat. Wanted to bring them all home...
Thanks for all the enjoyment you give, and for a damn good read!
Ed. Yorkshire. UK.

Juli Thorson said...

Tony, it's Saturday, Feb. 1, and TCM is running some of your pictures tonight. I'll start with Sweet Smell of Success and then see Trapeze.

Looking forward to a great evening of seeing your work again.

Juli Thorson said...

I'm watching Tony's movies on TCM tonight. What a treat!