Saturday, March 28, 2009

The last week...

I have been very busy, which is how I like it.

Chicago was great, I met tons of fans and signed tons of photos and books. The screenings of Some Like it Hot at the Hollywood Blvd Theater were sold out and we all had a really fun time. Huge thanks to Ted at the Theater and Ray at the Hollywood Collectible Autograph Show. See you guys next time!

I am meeting with a writer and my book agent over the weekend to work on my new book, a memoir about Some Like it Hot which will be out at the end of this year. I will post more about it as time goes on.

You can now purchase memorabilia, artwork, and autographed copies of my book, American Prince, off of my website using your credit cards. Over the next few weeks I will be adding much more stuff, so check it out!

I have recently signed with a Licensing Agent, Fame Farm, to license my image and products. This is a very exciting project for me. Please take a minute to read more about it on


Nikki Johnso said...

Hi Tony,

Well my dear, I can't tell you how disappointed I was to show up at the private show for you here in Dallas only to walk in and you weren't there. The gallery didn't even bother to send out notification that you wouldn't be there. I had signed up to have dinner with you too. I was so looking forward to seeing your work. I do hope that you will make plans to come back, but if you do, please go to a different gallery, one deserving of your works and greatness! Much love to you! Nikki

Found art blog said...

Wow!! How exciting!!!! Can't wait for the new book!

Totally said...

Tony! A new book? Great!! To read you is to know you; to know you is to love you. Tony, you're the greatest. Also, I'm ecstatic that the credit card feature is in place, I've been waiting to order with great anticipation. Thank you!

Tony, stay busy. You really are a renaissance man. Bravo!

rochelle said...

Hello Tony,

I was at your New York book signing but unfortunately had to leave before the Q&A to do my college radio show. I enjoyed the book very much especially the final chapter. I also saw you introduce 'Some Like it Hot' at the Film Forum and I can't wait to read a book about that. It's great what you and your wife are doing for the horses.I wish you could get more movie roles.

A fellow New York Jew.`

Totally said...

Tony! Your new book project bodes well by the stars. Here is a snippet from your Gemini forecast from

"April will be a big month for your career. Mars is still brilliantly lighting your tenth sector of fame and honors (tenth house), You'll find it easier to make progress now than at any other time in 2009. If you write for a living or work in a creative field, the move of Venus to direct speed will help you work more effectively, without the fits and starts you've had to contend with up until now. Collaborations of all kinds should go better, too.
This project may involve graphics or words, or both." :-)

Alex Fischetti said...

Hi Tony,

Great job in writing a new memoir. I hope it's as good as your first one because I had the time of my reading it especially the parts about Marilyn Monroe. Keep up the good work and god bless! Alex