Monday, December 14, 2009

Some Photos from Chicago

Just some photos from my last trip in Chicago.

On my way to interviews.

Shooting some pool at my hotel.

The rest are from my signings:

A great trip, thanks to everyone who came out to see my and watch the films!


Robert said...

Dam nice to see you, we in the Uk and watcing one of your films the Black Shield.

it's great to see you still active on TV in CSI.

Hope your well.


Found art blog said...

looks like you thoroughly enjoyed yourself!!

thebassguy said...

i never thought of you as the "cowboy type" but the hat suits ya!

Found art blog said...

We got snowed in this weekend (UK) so I've been drinking hot chocolate all day reading your book. Again. Dang it's a good read!! Hope you're enjoying painting still...!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Curtis,
Sorry I missed your book signing in Chicago.
The weather prevented me from coming out to the event.
I bought the soundtrack lp from Some Like It Hot as a kid.
I still have it in NM condition because I loved the film so much! God Bless You & Jill for bringing attention to animal rescue with your foundation. Happy 2010! Jeff

GS said...

Hi Tony this is a request and I hope you don't find it too cheeky! My daughter saw you at the BFI in London last year and was totally captivated. Her favourite film is Some lIke It Hot (isn't it everybody's???X!!!). She graduates on the 20th January with a first-class degree in Film Studies and Creative Writing and is currently studying for a Masters Degree in Film at University College London and is currently writing an assignment on Billy Wilder as an emigre director, so you can see she's pretty SLIH focused! It would make her day if on her Big Day I could give her a signed photo from you with a personal message. If I purchase one from your site would you be so kind as to write something nice for her. Thank you for reading this. Gwen

Helen said...

Happy New Year Tony and Jill!A Big Hug!

RBS2020 said...

Hi Tony!

I was so excited to see you in Chicago land. I've been telling everyone I kissed Tony Curtis :)


Debra S. said...

My goodness you were gorgeous!!!
Watched you all my life and loved you in everything you did. Just watched "Houdini" and "Sex and the Single Girl again, fabulous!
Glad you are well.

Debra S.
Dallas, Texas