Friday, December 4, 2009

TC in Chicago 12/3/09

I am in the Chicago area for my weekend events.

I took some time off last night to shoot some pool.
On the way to my interviews.
I am having a great time in the Windy City.


Found art blog said...

What a fun way to spend an evening! Shooting pool! Wish I could've been there....!

Kristin said...

Tony was my first heart-throb at age 10 (1962). You never forget your first love. My walls were covered in Tony Curtis pictures and I wish I still had them. glad you're still around.

Chris said...

Beautiful art. Thank you for ALL of you work.
c coffin

deb said...

Hello Tony Curtis. You have been in my heart for many years. I just read your "American Prince" and you truly are an American Prince.
Thank you and Jillie for giving voices to the wonderful, gentle giants we call horses. Without your voices these poor animals would never be heard.
I am a huge animal lover, especially horses. They really are gentle giants.
I am sold on Shiloh Horse Farm and will continue to send monthly donations.
Your selfless acts of kindness is priceless. Many blessings to the both of you.
And you are still a very handsome young man.
And yes...Chicago is a wonderful, windy city.
God Bless,
Deb (49)
Sheridan, IN

Tom Hering said...

Thank you, Mr. Curtis, for having always done your best as an actor. Your performances are a joy. I'm a fan of The Persuaders! and The Black Shield of Falworth (which was a childhood favorite of mine). God bless you each day.