Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Last night, I lit the Menorah at a local celebration. Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Holidays to everyone!


Helen said...

Happy Hanukkah to You and Jill and everyone at Shiloh.
I hope that You all will have a wonderfulholiday with lots of love and presents.
A big Christmas hug from Helen

Michael said...

Hello Tony,

great you have a blog now, I read it daily!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and Jill!

All the best from your biggest German fan,

PS: I noticed you wore your Danny-Wilde-Gloves, when you lit the Menorah - loved it!

Found art blog said...

OH!! Wonderful! Happy Hanukah everyone !!!

thymetrees said...

I am enjoying your web site! It is wonderful to learn more about you. I have attempted to contact you but only 250 characters are allowed in the "Contact" section. I spent the time writing a page to you and wish to fwd it somehow. Please advise..

thymetrees said...

I'm trying another route to send you this page (and you don't need to publish this). I've never contacted a celebrity before but it is quite by chance I googled your name after conversations with my family yesterday (to prove you are younger than they thought and also a big contributor in society).

Then, I came upon your words, and discovered that you are indeed a lovely person who is real and approachable. Not only are your paintings wonderful but also your poem (I read from your blog). Your work displays vibrancy and energy depicting a youthful and loving heart.

While going through your web site I became excited with a couple of ideas that would add very much to this season of love and good will.

I have a web site that I am so proud of as a single mum, and hopeful to be published author and song writer. Enjoying as much creativity as possible, I wanted to also open the doors for others by spotlighting talent, work, thoughts and ideas on a worldwide scale- a bringing together where unity and bonding creates its own special art to reside in the heart of man.

It would be such an honor to spotlight one of your art pieces and poems, and then provide your link for others to be directed to your wonderful work, good looks, and vibrant personality. There are also other spotlights that you may wish to contribute to that would nurture our viewers.

My second idea (for myself) would be to have you read my manuscript (poetry, art, and words of wisdom). It is unusual what I have put together but very much a heart opener for the reader as well as a personal journey of self discovery.

If you like the work I would love to have your words of support which would open a door to some publisher out there accepting it. (Maybe even adding one of your poems in there and art..)

It would mean a lot to me as there hasn't been much breathing room in between challenges; however, I am grateful for these stepping stones for they have helped me progress to where I am today.

My site to go to is "stairway to secrets" and you will discover that a lot of my heart resides there. You can also select the "About" button to learn of my intentions and see some black and white pictures of my parents in England/Austria and my introduction and growing years.

I hope I do hear from you. Is Vegas your prime residence? My sister lives there and I will be driving down to spend the New Year with her.

Thank you for reading this, and for being who you are. By the way, the name of my manuscript is "Gentle Whispers" and also in the book I have written: "Life is a gentle whisper, can you hear it?"

P.S. I remember watching "The Persuaders" when I was little. You were great and very charismatic..and you still are!!

Cowtown Pattie said...

Mr. Curtis,

I admire your foray into the blogosphere! Kudos to you.

As a blogger since 2003, I can say without a doubt, I have met the most interesting, fascinating people through this medium some would say is cold and electronic.

Not so. It is a terrific tool for staying connected with the world, and all sorts of Tony Curtis! How cool is that?

Thank you for sharing your art and your thoughts, keep them coming.

Many well wishes for the new year, sir.

RG said...

Hi Tony, just discovered Cowtown Pattie's blog which led me to your blog. Hope all is well. You are welcome to visit us over at the W-Bar-E Ranch, www. any time.

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!

Nolwe said...

Dear Tony,

Welcome to cyberspace! What a wonderful surprise to find you have a blog! Next step: Twitter! Think about it!

Looking forward to buying your book here in Portugal. I'm a youngster but I always loved your work. It couldn't be any other way after I watched Some Like it Hot on TV, still one of my favorite movies of all time! Now I own it on DVD and some other famous movies of yours.

Kindest regards and have a merry Christmas and wonderful 2009!

A Portuguese fan :)

Rosie said...

Happy New Year!!