Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I painted today...

My finished piece.

A painted Vase I did a few years ago, I am planning to do more of them this year...


Found art blog said...

Love seeing these photos!! It's always interesting seeing real artists at work!! (or play!)

Helen said...

What a beautiful painting!
I am getting very happy by looking at it.
Take are in the snow!
Kiss from Helen

nikki.e.johnson@gmail.com said...

Hi Tony,

I just saw your interview on the late show and really enjoyed seeing you. As a self taught artist I especially appreciated your comments to keep going. You are a marvelous inspiration. My mother was a huge fan and from an early age she introduced me and my sister to your films as we have passed them onto our children. You are still our favorite! Some like it hot is the kids favorite film. I hope I lead a life as fulfilled as yours and become as talented an artist as you. Come to Dallas with your art. I would so love to see it in person and meet one of my life long idols! Much love, Nikki

Webmaster said...

Tony, If you're planning on selling art prints of your work, you might want to try http://www.imagekind.com

You can set your own markup and they use long lasting pigmented inks and quality materials.

here's what I did - http://kinnally.imagekind.com

No, I'm not connected with them, just a satisfied user.

Shiloh Horse Rescue - excellent!