Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Harrods Exhibition

Here are some photos of my Art Exhibit which is up right now at Harrods in London. It looks great, Harrods did an excellent job! We have already sold a few pieces.

I am looking forward to seeing it in person next week when I get to London.
For my fans out there, come and see me in London at Harrods, at the London Expo autograph show, at the Hay Festival in Wales and at the Hay Festival in Belfast. See more info, including dates, on my website. Hope to see some of you there!


Totally said...

Man, that's snazzy! Harrod's get a gold star :-) And you, Mr. Curtis? Are you ready to go with a suntan as deep as Picasso's?
Something to consider, Tony --- nothing could promote LV tourism like your beautifully burnished suntan strategically placed within a crowd of fair haired citizens of those foggy, rainy, misty countries abroad where the ubquitous regional totem is the umbrella. Do you see where I'm going with this brilliant idea for our desperate economy? Suntan! The performance art! Find your spot in some flattering light and work that tan at Harrods and The Hay, baby. You are the perfect man for the job and equal to the task in every way. Two words: tank top. Do it for Nevada. (giggling...and I'm teasing....about the tank top.....wink) Love ya, Tony!

Totally said...

Tony! I just saw some pictures of you in London right now on the internet and I would describe your dermatological hue as perfectly sun-kissed. You look so dashing and vibrant. I also saw close-ups of your paintings --- they are stunning. (I was being a little silly about the whole suntan business but you really do Nevada proud. We love you!)

rochelle said...

I just love those paintings-so colorful. I love those flowers. It looks like a great exhibition.