Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tony at Harrods- more information!

Tony will be at Harrods on these dates:

Art Reception, Thursday 5/28/09: 6-8pm. Please contact Amy at 020-7893-8569 for more info about attending the reception.

Saturday, 5/30 and Sunday, 5/31- Tony will be available at his art exhibit inside of Harrods to sign and personalize art pieces. 12:00-2pm both days.

Hope to see you there!


jonathan said...

It was a great honour to meet you Tony at the London Expo on Saturday. You are a great actor and fine artist having seen your work on the internet and watched many of your films since a child.Have a Happy Birthday Best wishes Jonathan

Found art blog said...

Oh Brilliant!! Hope to see you on Saturday then!!

rochelle said...

I wish I could be there but all my vacation time has been used for Indonesia from where I have just returned yesterday. Your schedule looks so busy. I looked ahead to 11/11 when you will be in NYC which happens to be my birthday. Maybe I'll see you then.

Marion said...

Oh.. Sunday is my birthday and I wanted to see you there, but I can't. Too bad!

I hope to see you later.

Love xx

Found art blog said...

Tony - just to say that I'm thrilled to bits with the cat painting I got!!! I have it hanging by my bed so I can see it when I wake up, and I'm loving it more every day!!
Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!

Perfect said...

Happy Birthday Tony!

God Bless

Helen said...

Happy Birthday Tony!
Thank You for the marvellous Art exhibition at Harrods.Your paintings are absolutely gorgeous.
I wonder in wish country You are right know. Your schedule is pretty tough.Please don´t forget to take a "nap" now and then.

A Big and Warm Hug

rochelle said...

Happy birthday to you, Tony, and many more to come.

Kisi said...

Happy Birthday, Tony! As Hungarians say, not just a year older, but a year better :) We wish you all the best!

-Kriszta and Sabrina