Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 3, 2009

Today is my 84th birthday!

My trip to London was wonderful, we also loved Wales and Belfast. I am home for about a week and then off to Rome for a Holiday. No work, just relaxation...

Thank you to everyone who has written me to wish me a happy birthday, I am reading every email!

I greet you all with cordiality and great cheer (my favotire quote from stunt man, Davey Sharp).

Your pal,



Found art blog said...

After the hectic schedule in the UK, I just love the idea of you guys in Rome with nothing more to worry about than "where shall we go for lunch today?"
Have a wonderful birthday, and a totally relaxing time in Rome!
And enjoy....!

Mikey said...

Happy Birthday!!!

rochelle said...

Once again I wish you a happy birthday.
I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. I haven't made it to Wales or Belfast yet. Welcome home and then have a great Roman Holiday. You must be the 'youngest' 84 year old around, jetting all over the world!

Gregory said...

Happy Birthday!

Arnaldo said...

HI Tony! I just want to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope this day it's FANTASTIC for YOU!!! I hope all is well and I wish you also many years of JOY & SERENITY!!!! With FRIENDSHIP A YOUR GREAT ITALIAN FAN! Arnaldo.

Juli Thorson said...

Happy birthday to you, Tony, a day late.

May your next year be your best one ever!!

Denia said...

Dear Tony,

Happy Birthday!
It was such a pleasure to meet you at the private viewing at Harrods in London.
I will treasure the cats paintings forever!
with much love,

Denia said...

Dear Tony,

Happy Birthday!
It was such a pleasure to meet you at the private viewing in Harrods.
I will threasure the cats paintings forever.
Much love,

Totally said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful guy!

Laura said...

Hi Mr. Curtis,
First of all, Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope it was fantastic!!! This is my first time blogging and I hope I'm not too formal...your book by the way is favorite part is at the end when you give your advice....I hope to meet both you and Jill one's fantastic what she's doing with the horse foundation....and honestly you've heard this before but here goes... corney as it may be... but I've been a fan of yours my entire life...You're the BEST Mr. Curtis!!! I just saw Some Like it Hot last weekend on Italian tv...still a great movie...but much better in English...I'm an interpreter in Rome and have been living here for 11 years...I'm from San Francisco orginally...Buona permaneza a Roma... (Hope you both have a great holiday in Rome)...Laura