Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Press...

Two interviews that I did last week:

Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Downtown News

Thought you guys might enjoy reading them.


Totally said...

Enjoy them? You bet! :-)

Laura said...

Hi Tony, thanks for the interviews...enjoyed them a's fun to read about 'your stories' of old hollywood...and I must admit hollywood today is no match for the hollywood you worked really put your heart and soul into your work and it shows in all your films...I'm really sorry I can't be in L.A. at the Jules Verne Festival...would have loved to be there...:-(
The video they have on facebook about the event is fab...!!!! Have a great time!!!
All the best,

rochelle said...

Hello Tony,

I enjoyed both interviews especially the part about visiting the ladies departments and trying on accessories and their reactions to this. I hope there is more about that in the book about 'Some Like it Hot'.

When I was doing my college radio show the other night, I opened a CD by the SF band 'The Enablers' and they used a photo of a Tony Curtis mural in their CD insert.

Douglas said...

Hi Tony,

This is your old buddy, Douglas (next door from Carolwood).

Just read you were going to be in LA this weekend. Would love to have a quick Hello. Would Athletic Club on Saturday be good or too crazy? Another idea?
my E-mail:

Just found this blog, you are certainly BUSY!

Think of you fondly....always.

Best to Jill.