Friday, June 5, 2009

At the Licensing Show in Vegas

Thanks again for all my birthday wishes, I read every one of them. It means a lot to me...

Also on my birthday, I attended the Las Vegas Licensing Show and Convention with my branding/licensing company that I am working with, Fame Farm. We met lots of people interested in using my image and art work on products, etc. It is very interesting and I really do like the idea of branding myself.
My Booth.

Fame Farm is doing a great job in representing me...

And I have to say that my booth was the busiest booth at the convention. I also signed lots of books for people.

Here I am with the guys from las Vegas' Thunder from Down Under. We had a great time hanging out, they are a nice bunch of guys.

Something that has really made me angry in the past few days is that some "reporter" has been calling my wife's family members and telling them that he has a "credible source" that claims that I am being locked and sequestered in my home and am being sedated. Can you believe this crap? Here I am traveling the world, Hungary, London, Wales, Ireland, Chicago, and getting ready to head to Los Angeles and Italy in a few day's time, and this is being said about me? Obviously, this "reporter" has not taken the time to actually look at my website or read my blog. People are nuts...


Found art blog said...

Nucking Futter!!!! I hope the family members gave this guy a few choice words of their own too. Us real fans know you're one of the busiest people going and have more marbles in your head than some people 50 years younger than you.

Victoria Louise said...

Happy birthday dear Tony!
It was lovely to see you and Jill at Harrods. I very much enjoyed your beautiful paintings. I was more than happy to return later to purchase Blue Shadow. It’s a pleasure to help the rescue horses and the very least I can do.
Did you know there is an auction at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas June 26? They are selling personal items belonging to Marilyn. It feels wrong somehow, and I find it quite sad. I am sure Marilyn would have wanted her property to go to her dear friends such as your self.
Anyway Tony, don’t you worry about reporters. You know the truth and you are surrounded by people who love you. Be strong. You have been through so much in life - don't let them get to you now.
Have a wonderful trip to Rome, and yes of course I will come and see you again!

Totally said...

Right on. I agree with Found Art Blog. The biggest liar in the world is "They say...."
and this "credible source" is clearly full of crap. Really, some rumors are so ridiculous, Tony, that anyone with even the most modest measure of discernment and deductive reasoning has no recourse but to laugh at this. In fact, I'm laughing right now! I mean, really, does your prolific art pieces paint themselves? Is there an army of Tony Curtis automatons on the march toward film festivals and interviews; all programmed to write bestsellers and voice activated to respond with wit and candor? If so, I'd like to commission one for myself to enjoy in the privacy of my home.

I hope I've made you laugh now, Tony, because the situation isn't worth getting upset over.

Now, it's la dolce vita for you! Ciao, bello! Travel safely. You are loved and adored and your amazing life speaks for itself.

the 4 D's said...

Yea I talked with Jill today at the Ranch and laughed ! she got all the ideas from the dark dungens tha you guys seen on your vacation .We will see ya at the Ranch tony ...

rochelle said...

So will there be T-shirts with your image? That's a great way to spend your birthday with your fans. You certainly can't miss that booth! I almost couldn't find the live people in the first photo. Congratulations on the busiest booth. It's great to see you with those young guys.

So that's the media for you. I happen to post on the blog of a major Indian movie star and he frequently posts articles about him and his family where he explains that there is not a word of truth in them.

Have fun getting ready for your trip.

Totally said...

[Oops! Please excuse the grammatical error in my post above. "Does" should be "do"] Emotional typing will lead to errors, naturally. The thought of you and your family being harassed by such foolishness & falsehoods made me a little hot under the collar.

With a cooler head, I've done a little investigating, Tony...yeah, this "credible source" goes by the name of IAGO and he writes a column for low brow malcontents in a rag called the SHAKESPEAREAN TIMES which only old archetypes closed! ;-) *giggles*

May you & Jill take a very fast Ferrari ride through Rome, enjoy red wine and Renaissance art. Living well (and with joy) is the best revenge.