Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jules Verne

I am heading to Los Angeles next weekend for the Jules Verne Event, which looks like it is going to be alot of fun. If you are in the area, check me out!

Here is the Jules Verne Event Information.

After Los Angleles, it's into belly of big iron bird and off to Rome! Or maybe Jillie will lock in my house and keep me sedated- I don't think so!!!!


Found art blog said...

Nah. If Jill was going to lock up the World's Most Famous Lothario, it would be kinda pointless to then sedate him/you !!!!! (sneaks off screen whistling going slightly red in the face....!!)

rochelle said...

I would love to go to that event in LA but I'm here working in NY. That is a great event page on their site. I love the color picture of you and Jack Lemmon. You look lovely in blue.
I loved 'Houdini'. I work in master control here at AMC among other channels and back when AMC was a good channel, we used to air Houdini'.
I just have a complaint that the VIP dinner doesn't have a vegetarian option.
Enjoy the event and have a good flight to Rome.
I hope you are not kept sedated-just don't play the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" song.

Totally said...

*giggling* and a nice big hug for your sense of humor, Tony.

Have a fantastic time at Jules Verne! Although I won't be able to see you there, I'm looking forward to watching you in Some Like It Hot on the TCM channel June 13th. A sweet consolation!

Found art blog said...

I've just read the buffet menu and I'm dribbling!! Where's the magic transporter button when you need it??!

GoLightly said...

I am commenting on Tony Curtis's blog.


ElsklingDyr said...

Hello Mr Curtis!! I will so be there! My husband and I are going to both shows. Some Like it Hot is one of our favorite films, hands down. Alas, we cannot afford to go to the dinner but we're planning on going to the after party. Will you be there? I bought your book today and even though I can't go to the dinner I was hoping that you would sign it for me at the party???? This has been a very full year for me. I just did a phone interview with Tippi Hedren for my class to start a nonprofit and now to actually watch Some Like it Hot WITH TONY CURTIS!!! I am sooooo excited!!

Gina Ward said...

Having had the opportunity to spend time at home with Tony & Jill, I am horrified that anyone in their right mind would accuse Tony's family of any wrong doing! Not only is Tony free to do as he pleases, Jill encourages him to see his friends and get out of the house! Whomever this so called reliable source is, needs to have their head examined! Tony is in the most loving care with Jill at his side. And her wonderful Mother Sally loves Tony like a son! We should all be so lucky to be a part of Tony's family!!! Shame on you out there who have started this ugly rummor!

Hillary said...


You are missing 'Houdini' right now on TCM. No commercials. I like this one, but a fan forever of 'Some Like it Hot'