Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Roman Cats

We visited the Torre Argentina Square today, this is the place where Julius Ceasar was assasinated. It is also home to the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary.

We had a great visit and Jillie and I did a long distance adoption for three of their cats. We will support each cat each month. (You can see more photos of our visit on Shiloh's blog.)

Here I am in the Nursery (Medical Area), surrounded by cats!

I even took some time to quickly sketch a few of the cats, which I will incorporate into artwork when I get home...

A great day!


rochelle said...

That is so great about the adoption. The nursery looks like my apartment-I have 5 cats! I love that drawing. It's so cute. I agree that a great day is a day surrounded by cats.

Totally said...

Oh! :-)

Rob said...

Read about your visit on Torre Argentina's site http://romancats.com. Great to see you distance-adopted 3 cats Tony - I have too! (Eutropio who you almost certainly saw, big grey/white, Nicoletta, Jamila). The folks at Torre Argentina are probably the most dedicated bunch of individuals I have ever met. A truly wonder place and people.