Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So Busy!

I have been so busy, sorry that I haven't blogged in a while.

My trip to Hungary was fantastic, it was so great to speak Hungarian again and Budapest is such a beautiful city. I am currently at home, but am leaving for London next week for the release of my book, American Prince, as a paperback in the UK. I will also be appearing at the London Expo autograph show and will be holding a large art show at Harrods.

In fact, my art is already at Harrods, so if you live close by there, please go on in a take a look. I hope to see some of my fans at the autograph show and at the art show. You can find moire info about these events on my website.

I am also in the process of finishing up my latest book which is all about the filming of Some Like it Hot. It's behind the scene stuff. I just received the first rough draft of the manuscript. I am also currently working on a coffee table book of photographs of my box assemblages and some poetry.

It's hot here in Vegas so I am spending my days swimming in my pool and relaxing before I hit the road again.


Found art blog said...

OH BRILLIANT!!! I'll be visiting your art show when you're over, and SOOOO hope to see you there too! And I want a copy of your book of boxed assemblages too!!! I've always admired those!!

Totally said...

He blogs! Truly, it is a beautiful day. If there was ever a jet-setting celebrity/artist/poet/humanitarian who deserved a little sunshine and relaxation by his pool, it’s you, Tony. Enjoy!

(Note to Found art blog: you are so lucky. I'm happy for you!)
Tony, I’ve been so very excited about your forthcoming SLIH book, but-- having just read about the new coffee table book with your art boxes and poetry – I’m over the moon with excitement. Look at me, I’m shaking like a chihuahua. Oh that’s right, you can’t see me (giggling). Trust me, I’m mad about assemblage art and (just like Found art blog)have long been hoping to see more of your boxes. (I did find a picture of one in your first autobiography and another one on the internet) but wow! A whole book with your boxes? This is superb. :-) Yes.

Best wishes! May you travel safely to Belfast & London. Love ya, Tony!

markferrari said...

Hi Tony i,m Mark the guy from England that spoke on the phone to Jill & Yourself. I hope my letter & photos arrived safely?? I,m really looking forward to meeting you @ Harrods & i,d love the chance to buy Jill & Yourself at least a drink while you are over here.
Mark Dorricott

rochelle said...

Hello Tony,

I'm here in Yogyarkata Indonesia on vacation and am happy to see a new post of how busy you are. I wish I could stop in London on the way back.
I loved Budapest when I was there.

I'm looking forward to the new books. I've never seen your box assemblages. I hope you have book signings in New York for those.

Enjoy the time relaxing and swimming.